The project is a company’s warehouse, used to store slurry tanks. The existing slurry tank storage method is ordinary shelf storage, and there are more than 5,000 different models;

Manual storage and retrieval of materials requires 4 people to work and the storage is disorderly and wastes space. It is impossible to accurately locate the required slurry tank position. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to search through manual experience.


Using the box-type three-dimensional storage scheme, put the slurry tank into the material frame (each material frame can hold 8 cans), and put the material frame into the box-type three-dimensional storage inlet, and the warehouse automatically transports the material frame to the system for distribution At the warehouse location, the process is fully automated.

When leaving the warehouse, when the outbound task of the material tank is generated, the system automatically locates the required materials, and the three-dimensional storage automatically takes the material tank out and transports it to the corresponding exit end through a conveyor.

The warehouse is highly efficient, and only one person can complete the existing workload.




Intelligent storage of slurry tanks using smart storage;

Storage capacity is 6,500;

Intelligent warehousing can quickly and automatically complete batch delivery of tanks according to the system's material preparation list.

Simple manual operation can quickly complete the slurry tank storage;


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